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Jahr 2012

PhD-Stammtisch on April 11, 2012 (Wednesday) at 7.30 pm

Dear PhD students and Post-docs!
On April, 11 we will meet us again at our PhD-Stammtisch - this time together with international students! - and we are looking forward to interesting conversation, delicious cocktails and lots of fun with many people. Please note that the PhD-Stammtisch will already start at 7.30 pm due to “Happy Hour” (cocktails available for half the price until 8 pm).
Where? Enchilada, Universitätsring 6, Halle (Saale)
Regine Brandt, and the PhD Network Team

Information Meeting of German Language Courses on April 3

Dear PhD students, Post-docs and partners,
In the upcoming summer term, we will invite you again to join our German language courses (start: April 10, 2012). General information, detailed descriptions of the different course levels, and the registration form to download can be found at here. If you are interested in joining, please download and fill in the registration form, and send it back to us (by email, fax, or postal service) by April 2, 2012.
We ask all interested German learners (also the ones who have already taken part before in one of our courses) to participate in our information meeting, where you will have the opportunity to talk to the German teachers, and select the most adequate course level.
Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Time: 6-7 pm
Venue: Lecture hall 15, Melanchthonianum, Universitätsplatz 8-9, Halle (Saale)
Regine Brandt, and the German teachers of the PhD Network

New Event Calender of the PhD Network

For the beginning of this semester we would like to draw your attention to the PhD Networks new Event Calendar!

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Seminar „Soft science, hard skills?“ in Quedlinburg on March 16-18

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming seminar „Soft science, hard skills?“, which will take place from Friday, March 16 until Sunday, March 18, 2012 in Quedlinburg. The goal of the seminar is to bring together young researchers from Halle to share their experience as members of international teams and to discuss their involvement in and their views on the different ways of communicating within academic environments.
Deadline for registration: February 24.

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Teaching & Research Assistantships

In the summer semester 2012, MLU awards again Teaching (TA) and Research Assistantships (RA) to international PhD students of the University. The deadline for application is on March 8, 2012.

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PhD-Stammtisch on March 7

When? March 7, 2012 (Wednesday) at 8 p.m.
Where? "Mojo Bluesbar", Harz 9 (in front of the Harzmensa), Halle (Saale)

Wine Tasting in Freyburg (Unstrut) on February 11

Dear PhD students and Post Docs!In the cold winter month of February, we would like you to experience a warming journey of discovery into the heart of the wine region Saale-Unstrut to Freyburg, which is located about 8 km north of Naumburg. At the beginning, we will visit the castle Neuenburg, which is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in the region. Then we will have a tasty lunch. As the highlight of this trip, we would like to attend a wine tasting (we will taste four excellent types of wine!) at the winery Freyburg, the largest wine producer of Eastern Germany. After a delicious and interesting tour, we will return back to Halle in the evening (ca. 6 pm).
Participation fee: 23 € per person. Travel costs and expenses for visiting the castle, wine tasting and lunch are covered by the participation fee.
With best wishes,
Eva Kowollik, Gesine Quinque, and Regine Brandt

Workshop des Promotionsstudienganges  'Sprache – Literatur – Gesellschaft' am 31.1. und 1.2.2012

Der Ich-Erzähler wird in der Forschung unter zwei Blickwinkeln behandelt. Der eine befasst sich mit seinen narrativen Funktionen; der andere setzt sich mit der Konstruktion der Ich-Identität auseinander. Ersteres findet zumeist in Bezug auf fiktionale Texte mit einem Ich-Erzähler Anwendung. Letzteres ist gerade bei autobiografischen Texten von besonderem Interesse. Der Workshop will versuchen, aktuelle Ansätze der autobiografischen Forschung, die sich an den Debatten der letzten Jahrzehnte über die Neukonzeptualisierung des Ich orientieren, für die Untersuchung fiktionaler, im autobiografischen Stil verfasster Texte fruchtbar zu machen. Ziel ist es herauszufinden, welche Ich-Identitäten im Modus des Ich-Erzählers entworfen werden und welche Beglaubigungsmuster die Literatur für seinen Gültigkeitsanspruch jeweils hervorbringt. Der Schwerpunkt des Workshops wird auf Texten der Gegegenwartsliteratur liegen.

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PhD Stammtisch on February 1

Dear PhD students and Post-Docs!
We will meet us at our next PhD-Stammtisch. Would you like to join us?
When? February 1, 2012 (Wednesday) at 8 p.m.
Where? Objekt 5, Seebener Straße 5, Halle (Saale)
With best wishes,
Regine Brandt, and the PhD Network Team

New Office

Starting in November 1, 2011, the InGrA-Office is located in the heart of the City: Universitätsring 19/20 - not far from the main University square.

Workshop on Missionary Activities: Challenging Cultural and Religious Paradigms at Home and Abroad, January 19-20

The Graduate School Society and Culture in Motion will held the workshop "Missionary Activities: Challenging Cultural and Religious Paradigms at Home and Abroad" on January 19-20. The workshop is organised by the PhD candidates Hami Inan Gümüs, Stefan Knauß, Claudia Ulbrich and Adadow Yidana.
All those interested are requested to register with Stefan Knauß by January 18.

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Dear PhD students and Post Docs!
We wish you all good luck and lots of success in the new year 2012 and would be very glad to meet you again tomorrow in our PhD-Stammtisch taking place in the “Spielehaus”.
When? January 11, 2012 (Wednesday) at 8 p.m.
Where? Spielehaus e.V., Franckeplatz 1, Haus 32, Halle (Saale)
With best wishes,
Regine Brandt and the PhD Network Team

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